November 3, 2011

November Garden Inventory

In Bed #1, the bed that we had planted about a month before that crazy hailstorm, we replanted some leftover seeds.  Our dill plant and one start (I think it's either cauliflower or kale) were the lone survivors of the hailstorm.  Grace did the re-planting, so I'm not completely sure what was planted, but here is my guess: carrots, lettuce, parsley, cilantro and radishes. 

In Bed #2, we harvested "the last" of the potatoes.  I put "the last" in quotation marks, because I thought we'd harvested them all a couple months ago when we cleaned up the bed, but apparently we hadn't.  Potatoes might be a difficult crop to get rid of.  Not that I want to...  We moved the chives to the end of the bed near the row of garlic chives, and we planted the rest of the bed with onion starts that we purchased at the farmers market: 50 red onions and 50 Walla Wallas.

From Bed #3 we harvested our lone pumpkin; it appears to be a Blue Hokkaido Pumpkin. We left the thyme in the bed and planted the rest with about 80 cloves of garlic.


Besides a few herbs, there's nothing at the edible stage in our garden right now.  I'm thankful for the herbs we do have, though.  Chives and garlic chives add freshness and color to dishes and Jason used some thyme and sage last night to season a roasted chicken.

When I plant herbs in the spring, I always have visions of harvesting them, drying them, and storing them in cute little spice jars to be used to flavor foods or make herbal teas.  Unfortunately, life gets ahead of me, and I rarely take time to actually dry them.  But wouldn't that be a fun and frugal holiday gift?  Little jars of home-grown dried herbs?

Maybe I'm the only one who thinks so.

In any case, (hint hint) I can't seem to get a good crop of rosemary or mint.  Or lavender...  Wouldn't any of those be great packaged in a little glass jar with a pretty ribbon and many a corresponding recipe?  Christmas is coming!

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