January 5, 2012

January Garden Inventory

There's nothing harvest-able in my little garden right now, save for some sage and thyme and onion clippings, but there are onions and garlic sprouting up in all three beds.  I'm sure that if I cared more about successive plantings or paid more attention to companion plants, I wouldn't have planted all three beds with alliums, but, I planted Bed #2 with two varieties of onions and Bed #3 with garlic; then  all  most of the little seedlings I had planted in Bed #1 were destroyed by weather, or pests, or my own neglect, so I bought another 50 onion starts and planted them in the empty space in Bed #1.

A handful of things survived in Bed #1.  There's a dill plant that I should probably figure out how to incorporate into my cooking.  There are two little brassicas--the sole survivors from two 6-packs of seedlings that I planted in September--that are producing a lot of leaves: one appears to be a variety of cauliflower and the other is probably a variety of kale (or it could be collard greens).  Among the onions, there are some beets and carrots sprouting up, a row of poppies (which, by the way, look like weeds until they finally produce short-lived flowers in the spring), and a couple cilantro and parsley plants that aren't big enough to pick from yet. 

What's growing in your garden?


I recently updated my Homemade Ice Cream Notes page with some notes about my most recent batch, Coffee Almond Chip.


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Are there any topics you'd like me to address in 2012?  Or any other feedback regarding the blog?

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