May 4, 2012

May Garden Inventory

We've gotten a good harvest of cilantro, parsley and dill from Bed #1.  All of which are starting to bolt.  It's probably time to pull them out and plant some summer crops.  But I see so many insects enjoying the blossoms on the broccoli and cilantro plants, that I'm leaving them in until the poppies at the other end of the bed bloom (any day now). There are still some beets, carrots and green onions ready for harvest in this bed.  Not a lot, but some.

From Bed #2 we've been harvesting garlic chives, regular chives and spring onions.

From Bed #3 we've harvested thyme.  The rest of the bed is planted with garlic, which should be ready for harvest in the next month.  

We recently had some trees removed from our backyard, which should mean more sun for summer gardening.  Next to Bed #3, Abby and I created three long mounds for planting.  A week or so ago we planted some seeds:

Mound #1: Cantaloupe, Luffa Sponges*, Sugar Snap Peas

Mound #2: Bidwell Casaba Melon* (similar to cantaloupe) and West Indian Burr Gherkins* (a small cucumber that should make good pickles), and more Sugar Snap Peas

Mound #3: Crimson Sweet Watermelon* (a small variety), Okra and Purple Peas*

I still have more seeds to plant, but they must wait until the poppies bloom and the onions and garlic are harvested from the beds.

*Seeds were purchased from Redwood Organic Farm.  Check them out online, at the farmers market or at local retailers. Other seeds were purchased at the hardware store.

What's growing in your garden?

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