March 28, 2014

A Day in the Life of

I've always been fascinated with what people eat. I am a total grocery cart peeker.  I like to think my family's diet centers around mostly local and/or real food. But does it? I don't know. So here is anew series. In A Day in the Life Of posts, I'll list everything I ate (as best I can remember) in one day. 

Today is toward the end of the month and money feels a little tight, and that may be reflected in today's choices. Heavy on the carbs, meatless, ice cream-less.  ("Honey, do you have any cash left, 'cause I think I just used the last of the toilet paper.")

Coffee (Don Francisco brand purchased on sale at Raleys, brewed at home) with local raw milk and organic sugar. 
Oatmeal- Alana Chernilla's recipe instant oatmeal 
A few bites of salted dark chocolate- a birthday present from my husband purchased at Cost Plus. 

Homemade pizza pockets- these were entirely impromptu. I made them using a batch of croissant dough I had frozen months ago (the recipe from King Arthur Flour's Whole Grain Baking), filled with the last few tablespoons of a jar of Trader Joes's pizza sauce and a little grated mozzarella and Parmesan cheese (also from Trader Joe's) topped with a generous sprinkle of Real salt and organic Italian Seasoning (from the local health food store).  These turned out surprisingly well. 

A couple handfuls of salted cashews, some leftover sweet potato baked with coconut oil and salt, and some Theo's brand dark chocolate that a coworker's mother bought for her because it was soy-free. (Four of us at work tried this particular chocolate bar--the salted almond variety--and everyone else thought it had a funny aftertaste. We collectively determined that it is more of a wine-like chocolate than a junk food chocolate, and apparently I was the only one who liked it much, so I got to keep the rest of it. Score! 

Brown rice pasta (Trader Joe's) with locally grown chard, kale and butternut squash, doused with garlic-butter (local) and olive oil (Trader Joes-- yes, I know there are many local olive oil producers who would appreciate my purchase, but...) and salt and pepper, topped with Parmesan and (local) parsley. Roasted local beets. 

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