October 1, 2010


I haven't blogged in almost a week.  In fact, I've barely touched a computer in about a week.  We are on vacation in San Diego. My father-in-law decided that his grandkids needed to see the town he grew up in, and who I am to argue?  We've taken the girls to Lego-Land and the San Diego Zoo, and we've spent considerable time on the beach.

Wednesday afternoon we checked out the local farmers market.  This time of year they still have all the summer fruits that we see in Upstate California (apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, grapes and a small selection of strawberries).  Being in Southern California, they also have a lot of avocados, both the Haas, that are exported to grocery stores all over the country year-round, and a larger, more buttery (if you can imagine a more buttery avocado) Reed variety.  We bought a couple of Reeds, a large heirloom tomato and a couple of local limes and made guacamole. 

Another find:  Passionfruit!  I had never had a passionfruit before.  The skin is tough and appears crinkly.  Cut it open with a sharp knife and the interior is filled with a sweet-tart orange glop surrounding crunchy black seeds.  Just suck it out.  Passionfruit has a really specific, vaguely citrus, taste.  One slurp and I was transported back to... well, the first time I had a Crystal Geyser Passionfruit Juice drink: Westminister Woods in about 5th grade.  Weird food memory, I suppose, but that is what is embedded in my mind...

Wishing you many happy food memories!

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