June 7, 2012

Creamed Onions

A pound and a half of small white onions* (all less than 2" in diameter), sliced into rings and sauteed in 1 tablespoon of butter, with a little salt and pepper. A minced clove of garlic and two tablespoons butter added when they have softened and browned a little. Then a tablespoon of flour, and a minute later, a splash of good whole milk or cream, maybe a 1/4 cup.  Let simmer a minute, top with a handful of good breadcrumbs** and broil a minute or two in the oven.

Not at all light, but creamy, sweet and deeply satisfying. Like onion rings, but with more onion and less crunch.

* Something about the freshness of spring onions makes them worth showcasing in their own dish.  One could certainly make creamed onions with bigger onions; they would make a wonderful side dish in the fall and winter, but I used baby onions that I harvested from my garden.  You can find similar onions in the farmers market throughout spring:  small red or white bulb onions with the greens still attached.  For this dish I removed the greens and will saved those that are tender enough to eat for another use (fried rice). 

**A few years ago I laughed at my grandma when I caught her saving bread crumbs from bread she was slicing.  Oops.  Now, when I make sourdough bread, I slice it before freezing it, which leaves me with a smattering of surprisingly flavorful bread crumbs.  I've taken to saving these in a mason jar in the pantry.  As long as all the crumbs added to the jar are thoroughly dry, they'll keep at least until I find a use for them. 

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