June 19, 2012

Grilled Cheese with Curtido

I bring my lunch to work almost every single day.  Usually I bring some form of leftover something-or-other and usually I'm pretty content with it.  But some days, there just isn't anything left over (or what is leftover isn't very appealing).  On those days I have to figure out something I can put together in less than 15 minutes (while also making breakfast for the kids, pouring my coffee, packing a snack for myself and--on school days--demanding that my eight-year-old put her clothes on) Thankfully, we have microwave at work.  Though in theory I definitely lean toward the "the microwave is evil and probably making our food toxic" camp, in practice, I find a warm lunch much more satisfying than a cold lunch, so I do use a microwave almost daily.

Did you you know that grilled cheese sandwiches reheat fairly well?  They do.  So some days I throw together a quick grilled cheese in my cast iron skillet, wrap it in wax paper and, when lunch time comes, I reheat it for 30 seconds, maybe tuck in something crunchy or pickled to make it feel more adult, and viola: a quick, simple, comforting lunch.

Today I made a grilled cheese sandwich on sliced sourdough bread with mozzarella cheese.  (Monterey Jack would have been perfect though.) After reheating, I tucked in a couple wedges of creamy sliced avocado and a few tablespoons of curtido for a spicy, healthful crunch.  That was a good sandwich.

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