June 27, 2011


Hospital food really bugs me. And okay, I've only had the hospital food in a handful of hospitals, but so much of it is so heavily processed...  Jason spent five days at Enloe recently because of terrible abdominal pain as a result of a very sick gallbladder.  They removed it last Wednesday, but he's still on a "very low-fat, soft food diet," which means he's eating pudding, sherbet, yogurt (not the good plain stuff, the highly-sweetened, heavily marketed stuff), canned soup, Cream of Wheat and Jello.

While he was there, of course, I made many trips to the hospital.  Grandma "cooked" for the kids, meaning they ate Spaghetti-Os, ham sandwiches and pizza while completely ignoring the brussel sprouts, beets and salad greens we'd purchased at the farmers market a week ago.

Finally we are all back home.  Tonight, while Jason "enjoyed" a bowl of canned soup, the girls and I made use of the salad greens:  Chicken and Beet Salad (with avocado for me) and a mustard vinagrette.

And while I may not be impressed with the food, I must give Enloe Hospital major props for their wonderful free valet service.  It was so great to not worry at all about finding a parking space.

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