August 11, 2011

Dill, Cucumbers, Bell Pepper

I like the Wednesday morning Farmer's Market at the North Valley Plaza.  It's less crowded than the Thursday Night and Saturday Morning downtown markets, but it's big enough to have a variety of produce.  It's definitely for the food-oriented crowd.  Tin Roof Bakery, Wookey Ranch and the tamale people have booths, along with all the vegetable and fruit sellers.  What's missing are the arts and crafts booths and the hippies.  There's plenty of parking, so it's feasible to stop by for just one thing or to fill up your vehicle with everything you want, not just what you can carry in one armload.

I stopped there yesterday to get some nectarines and I picked up a bunch of dill.  I never seem to find dill when I look for it, but it was there yesterday, so I got some.

That night Grace helped me make an easy summer salad:  salmon (we used canned, but for a nicer meal, you could poach a fillet) with chopped cucumbers, bell pepper and onion, dressed with Greek yogurt, lemon juice, salt, pepper and a handful of chopped fresh dill.  It would be perfect on a bed of fresh lettuce or in a sandwich.  We kinda pulled out all the stops with "help Mommy make dinner night" and made homemade Ritz crackers in fun duck and star shapes. 

I know, I didn't know I was that maternal either.

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  1. Nice! Now I know which one to go to when I need to get my 'grown up food'!

    PS-You are super-maternal,you nerd! : )