August 10, 2011

This + this = Love: White Chocolate Ice Cream

My quest to churn a homemade ice cream that my husband likes may be over!  White Chocolate.  He said it was okay, maybe even good.  And since the ingredients for one quart cost over $12, he better like it!

He thought it could be improved with some kind of strawberry sauce ribbon.  But we didn't have strawberries; we had white nectarines.  So I marbled half the batch of White Chocolate ice cream with half a batch of White Nectarine Sherbet. (Note that I whirled the sherbet base in the blender, because chunks of fruit will freeze into hard lumps when the finished sherbet is stored.)  The tang of the nectarines balances the creamy indulgence of the white chocolate wonderfully.  And the White Nectarine Sherbet is such a pretty pink color.

So what did we do with the rest of the White Chocolate Ice Cream?  Iced Coffee Floats!  Insert smiley face here.

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